2018 Grammy Awards: A New Era in the Music Industry

On Sunday, the 60th annual Grammy Awards shed light on a progressing music industry. With a focus on hip-hop and R&B, this year’s Grammy’s emphasized diversity.

In fact, host James Corden said that they had “the most diverse group of nominees in Grammy’s history…” (Shah, 2018). Four of the five nominees for the prestigious Album of the Year award were non-white hip-hop and R&B artists.

This year’s show also supported the anti-sexual-harrassment initiative “#TimesUp”. Cardi B, Ron Perry, Kesha and other attendees wore or held white roses in honor of this cause.

It looks as though this year’s Grammy Awards made a comeback from the 2017 “#GrammysSoWhite” debacle.

This article taken from The Wall Street Journal website may not have a noticeable relation to last week’s PR Research topic, but it certainly relates abstractly.

The author of the article, Neil Shah, had to conduct research about the 2018 Grammy’s in order to write this article. Evidence of his efforts are clear from his attention to detail and the amount of relevant information he provides.

Bruno Mars accepts his Grammy Award at the 2018 Grammy’s. (https://www.billboard.com/files/styles/719×476/public/media/05-bruno-mars-onstage-2018-grammys-billboard-1548.jpg)

Although a seemingly ordinary article, this is a good example of how important thorough research is for any type of publication. It also highlights his specificity of topic, which is a vital element to any research process.

I was unable to watch the Grammy’s this year, so this article serves as a good source of information for me and for others in a similar situation. This further emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough research for the benefit of the audience.


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